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ALDH2 Deficiency

Information about ALDH2 Deficiency and what it means to you

Lifestyle adjustments recommended for those with ALDH2 Deficiency

Products for those with ALDH2 Deficiency and reducing acetaldehyde

Products for sale for ALDH2 Deficiency and Alcohol Flush Reaction

There are multiple products advertised for reducing ‘Asian Flush’ but there is little scientific evidence supporting these products. Many people are concerned about the cosmetic implications of Alcohol Flush Reaction. For this reason, products are marketed as a quick fix tool to ‘cure’ Asian Flush or Asian Glow, which is a sign of inaccurate marketing claims.

Essential AD2

Essential AD2 is a daily health product made by Delta Nutrassentials ( is currently in development and is the only product that has been specifically designed for those with ALDH2 Deficiency. Essential AD2 has been demonstrated to significantly reduce acetaldehyde concentrations in the blood in those with the ALDH2 Gene mutation. In addition to reducing acetaldehyde concentrations throughout the day, Essential AD2 also significantly reduces Alcohol Flush Reaction and its symptoms. Scientifically backed, it is supported by double-blind, placebo-controlled, 3rd party clinical research.

A common misconception, taking Pepcid should be avoided

Sometimes individuals take Pepcid AC or other antacid medication prior to drinking to avoid the redness of Alcohol Flush Reaction. This is unhealthy and should be avoided. While Pepcid may act as an anti-histamine to reduce the flushing, it does not reduce acetaldehyde and has other detrimental effects. Those who consistently take Pepcid and drink alcohol are at high risk of developing stomach ulcers as continued use promotes increased production of stomach acid, as does alcohol consumption. It is recommended you avoid taking Pepcid or a similar antacid and drinking alcohol. More information can be found describing the negative interactions with alcohol here: PubMed

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