[Little Guide] Movie streaming website – Easy upload Openload Videos

[Little Guide] Movie streaming website – Easy upload Openload Videos

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Hello dear mates,It’s time to make some contribution to this forum that already has helped me so much.
I started 2 days ago a movie streaming website, still testing it, configuring it, creating accounts on affiliates, uploading movies , etc.
I had a little problem, that was: not having enough time to maintain one of this sites, since it requires you to be uploading everyday some movies to video hosts. I only had the idea to outsource this, pay someone to upload movies for me. But then i thought: What if i could make this easily without having to spend money paying someone else to do this job?
After some digging and testing, i found on Openload an option which is ” Remote Upload”. Then i thought: What if i could get other movie streaming sites Openload links and get them uploaded via remote upload? It could save me all the time i n the world. So i’ve gone through some movie streaming sites, but i was stuck with this idea, since there was no way i could get the links from openload.
More and more research i did, and i discovered the google chrome extension : “GetThemAlll” ( link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/getthemall-video-download/nbkekaeindpfpcoldfckljplboolgkfm )
I installed it.
After that, gone again to the movie streaming websites, opened the “openload” option to watch the film, and clicked on the getthemall extension. It opened a large list of files. I searched for the one whose link stated “openload” and “embed” and with the name of the film. Right click on it, copy link.
Then gone to openload remote upload, pasted the link there. And after a while, the movie was already on my files uploaded folder. Now it is on our account and we can start making money of it.I don’t know if this was already posted here, but still i thought i had to share this to this community, hoping it could help anybody who had the same questions as i did.Peace,Expl0it

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